WEBINAR | Preventing a CCP Invasion of Taiwan

A conversation with three members of our expert panel, discussing highlights of the thirty-four Panel Findings and Recommendations outlining practical steps that must urgently be taken to deter CCP aggression and preserve regional peace.

Webinar | No TSP for CCP: No U.S. Pension Funds for the Chinese Communist Party

Individuals responsible for managing the retirement funds of U.S. government employees are determined to invest billions of their savings in companies owned or controlled by our country’s mortal enemy: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), thus underwriting the CCP’s “unrestricted warfare” aimed at destroying America.

VIDEO: The CCP is the Enemy

Most Americans don’t know that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has declared war on America. Worse yet, some are even helping. What you need to know about China’s plans to take down America. Defend America. Defund China.

VIDEO: China is Polluting Our Waters

Marxist China is one the world’s largest contributors of plastic pollution in the ocean. Combined with one other country, China accounts for one-third of total ocean pollution.

VIDEO: China’s PLA Companies in America

Why on earth would we want to let our enemy’s military companies do business in America? In July and August, the Pentagon revealed that there are at least 31 “Communist Chinese military companies” operating inside the United States. Every Chinese company can be ordered by China’s Communist Party to steal our technology, conduct espionage and … Read more